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2022 Industry Leaders: Nicoletta Pagnotta, Meridian Capital Group

October 03, 2022

Nominee’s Name & Job Title: Nicoletta Pagnotta, Senior Vice President

Nominee’s Company/Affiliation: Meridian Capital Group

Nominee’s City & State of Employment: New York, NY

Describe what you would consider to be ONE of your top career highlights:

Having had the opportunity to work on the financing for some of New York’s most iconic properties, many stand out as highlights. That said, the most memorable project my team experienced was bidding to finance the underlying mortgage for The Dakota building at 72nd St. and Central Park West. Meridian created a custom-tailored product to specifically address the financing and capital improvement needs for the building. Given the stature of The Dakota building as a quintessential piece of New York history, this remains a top career highlight.

What award were you most proud to receive?

My role as treasurer of the New York City chapter of CREW, a national real estate organization for women in real estate, while not technically an “award,” offers me a great sense of pride. Representing women, a minority in this business, is highly important to me, especially as I aim to be a role model for my two daughters.

What leadership role outside of the workplace is most rewarding to you?

My family! I have two young daughters—the eldest is a miniature version of myself, which is both comical and challenging at times; she is already a master negotiator and full of energy! My youngest daughter was born during the height of COVID in May of 2020, which has been its own special experience. Being a mother has directly translated to my leadership in business, teaching me how to make quick decisions, stand by them, and to lead with a sense of confidence.

What advice would you give the next generation of leaders in your industry?

Your potential is limited only by your courage and your creativity. Have the confidence to allow your many capabilities to take you as far as you can go. You deserve no less.

Nicoletta Pagnotta
Senior Vice President
Underwriting and Loan Placement
[email protected]
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