Meridian Capital Group

Cameron Parson


Mr. Parson joined Meridian in 2023 and currently serves as a Retail Leasing Associate in the company’s Midtown Manhattan office. He specializes in both landlord representation and tenant representation in New York City.

Mr. Parson has distinguished himself in the retail leasing sector with expansive experience in the leasing of food, fitness, and service-oriented spaces.

Mr. Parson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate and Sales from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Active listings

37 Cornelia Street

Manhattan, West Village
Approximate Size: 400 Square Fee
Monthly Rent: $8,495

353 West 57th Street

Columbus Circle, Manhattan
Space A: 5,603 Square Feet
Space B: 6,952 Square Feet + 5,145 Square Feet Lower Level
Space C: 1,600 Square Feet
Asking Rent: Space A: 100 PSF
Asking Rent: Space B: 100 PSF
Asking Rent: Space C: 120 PSF

720 Tenth Avenue

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Approximate Size: 1,280 Square Feet + Basement
Monthly Rent: $14,000

242-244 East 77th Street

Lenox Hill, Manhattan
Space A: 1,200 Square Feet
Space B: 600 Square Feet
Space A Monthly Rent: $9,000
Space B Monthly Rent: $5,000

358 East 149th Street

Bronx, Melrose
Ground Floor: 1,600 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $18,000

355 East 149th Street

Bronx, Melrose
Space A Ground Floor: 900 Square Feet
Space B Ground Floor: 3,600 Square Feet
2nd-4th Floors: 5,000 Square Feet Each
Space A Monthly Rent: 160 PSF
Space B Monthly Rent: 145 PSF
2nd-4th Floors Monthly Rent: 30 PSF

420-424 West 51st Street

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Ground Floor: 3,500 Square Feet
Outdoor Backyard: 1,275 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $12,995

878 Brook Avenue

Approximate Size: 130,000 Square Feet Over 8 Floors
Asking Rent: 25 PSF

7 East 75th Street

Lenox Hill, Manhattan
Approximate Size: 500 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $3,500

711 West End Avenue

Manhattan, Upper West Side
Space A: 1,000 Square Feet
Space B: 1,200 Square Feet
Asking Rent: 55 PSF

325 East 5th Street

East Village, Manhattan
Space A: 500 Square Feet
Space B: 800 Square Feet + Basement
Space A Monthly Rent: $3,995
Space B Monthly Rent: $5,995

2333 Broadway

Manhattan, Upper West Side
Space 2: 800 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: 260 PSF

645 Union Street

Brooklyn, Gowanus
Lower Level: 8,215 Square Feet
Rooftop: 2,800 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $25,000

2661 Broadway

Manhattan, Upper West Side
Approximate Size: 650 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $5,500