Meridian Capital Group

Evan Roteman


Mr. Roteman joined Meridian in July 2021 and currently serves as an Associate in the company’s Midtown office focusing on the leasing of retail assets in Manhattan.

Mr. Roteman was a student-athlete at Rhodes College where he was member of the Men’s Basketball team before transferring to Tulane University where received a bachelor’s degree in both Real Estate and Sociology in May 2021.

Active listings

112 Fourth Avenue

Manhattan, Union Square
Ground Floor: 2,400 Square Feet
Lower Level: 1,500 Square Feet
Mezzanine: 1,048 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $38,000

41-17 Crescent Street

Long Island City, Queens
Ground Floor: 5,000 Square Feet
Lower Level : 2,500 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $30,000

954 Lexington Avenue

Manhattan, Upper East Side
Approximate Size: 300 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $5,500

514 Third Avenue

Manhattan, Murray Hill
Ground Floor: 1,550 Square Feet
Basement: 1,400 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $22,000

2 East 45th Street

Manhattan, Midtown
Ground Floor: 4,000 Square Feet
Mezzanine: 2,000 Square Feet
Storage Basement: 3,000 Square Feet
Asking Rent: $600,000/Annum

354 West 44th Street

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Lower Level Bar: 1,500 Square Feet
Lower Level Bar: $13,500

108 Reade Street

Manhattan, TriBeCa
Ground Floor: 1,500 Square Feet
Mezzanine: 400 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $150 PSF

797 Madison Avenue

Manhattan, Upper East Side
Ground Floor: 1,700 Square Feet
Second Floor: 1,700 Square Feet
Third Floor: 1,700 Square Feet
Fourth Floor: 1,700 Square Feet
Fifth Floor: 1,700 Square Feet
Basement: 1,700 Square Feet
Total: 10,200 Square Feet
Asking Rent: Upon Request

191 Seventh Avenue

Chelsea, Manhattan
Ground Floor: 6,000 Square Feet
Lower Level: 4,000 Square Feet
Total Square Footage: 10,000 Square Footage
Asking Rent: $750,000/Annum

279 Church Street

Manhattan, TriBeCa
Ground Floor: 1,875 Square Feet
Lower Level: 1,875 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $23,000

731 Ninth Avenue

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Ground Level: 7,500 Square Feet
Lower Level: 7,500 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $120 PSF

203-205 West 34th Street

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Approximate Size: 1,890 Square Feet
Monthly Rent: $300 PSF